Nina Dobrev for Femina Magazine

Well, time passes, life goes on, and the only thing that remains intact is my love for you, I wish I could express all that I’ve been meaning for so long, most just look at a simple picture of what I lack the words, you’re my angel, my reason is to keep on fighting, is my ray of sunshine, and I just have to thank you. You know, people will never understand this love, and I do not care. You are the sweetest, gentle, and charming girl in the world, and my pride to say that I’m your fan has no size. Sometimes I find myself wondering if someday, I could hold you, if ever I can feel your scent, inhaling the sweet scent that you carry with you, if someday someone upstairs will meet my one big request. Every night I pray for a miracle touch me, so I can spend at least a moment with you, I have so much to tell you and at the same time know the warmth of your embrace, the only thing I’ll remember is how much had to wait for all the waiting finally be rewarded. I know when you look in your eyes, the world can be falling and even then I’ll believe that everything will be okay. You make all the people who find you smile, makes all the people who see you happy, and I’m looking at the photos of the lucky fans who could hold you, that might tell you “i love you”, and I’m just wondering when it will be my turn to smile to be at your side when will be my turn to fulfill my dream. I’m looking at your photos, listening to their songs, and for hours, I can only marvel at how generous and gentle you can be. I know that everything you do is dedicated to us, I know all your music, videos, CD’s, films, perfumes, clothes, everything you do is for us, plus not wanting to be selfish, and when by me selena? When will you know that I exist? When will you be embracing smile for me? Will I have that opportunity? Will I have the opportunity to have you for me only for 5 seconds? This is my biggest dream. I can put up with being humiliated by everyone and everything. More without you I can not, I pray so much admiration for her, why I care so much that you know I’m here for you, because I know you’ll always be here for me. Selena, I have nothing different from any other Dreamer, I’m like them, passionate, happy and crazy for loving you more like them I just want you to know that I exist, that I’m here, and I always been, for at least 5 seconds I want your smile is because of me, is why I made you smile. Sometimes, I think it is selfish of me, hours! You want just for me. More is not. It’s just a dream. Dream the dreamer you taught me to be. I’m so proud of you, and everything you earned so far. I only ask once again to God tonight, take care of you, and make you proud because you Selena Marie Gomez saved lives, you turned people themselves, and not all awards in the world may represent a third of what the change you made in our lives meant.

“Apple is the Beyoncé of the digital world.” — The New York Times (via thequeenbey)

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"He is a good kisser" - Selena on Justin